Knowing What You Know Today

What if you were an ordinary guy, minding your own business, when you found out the biggest secret of the Universe: that aliens have been coming to Earth since before humans could speak, surfing in on the incredible Life Force that radiates from our planet and moving through the Earth Portal into their next level of existence?

What if those aliens contacted you and told you that Earth was in danger of being destroyed in a cataclysmic Wolrd War, thus destroying the aliens' Portal, and not incidentally, your own planet? What if they told you that you were the one who was destined to stop this and save the planet?

If you were James Thompson, high school science teacher in Minneapolis, you would--freak out, deny it, tell them to find someone better, and then enlist the help of your life-long best friend, Danny Friedman, to take down the president of the United States, who seems hell-bent on starting a major war in Africa. And along the way, you might just find that humans and these aliens have more in common than you could have dreamed possible.

Knowing What You Know Today is available for purchase as a PDF-formatted eBook, which you can download here. Or, if you prefer to sample it, the first chapter is available here.

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